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We are one of the fastest growing providers of Broadband internet and urban solar energy solutions in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. The company was established in 2013 and is driven to empower Nigerians to live a transformed life by providing reliable.
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    With our Wireless Fibre Technology, we are taking power out of the hands of big internet monopolies and we are bringing it to you and your neighbours.


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    Home Broadband

    Providing reliable and affordable broadband internet to homes and offices
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    Super fast uninterupted internet connectivity anywhere on earth.
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    Solar & Inverters

    Providing clean engery and power backup solutions for all needs.
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    Your Gateway To An Internet
    Connected World

    Unlimited Home


    Super fast Broadband
    • Up to 100 mbps speed
    • Up to 32 connected devices
    • 99.9% uptime
    • 24/7 Support

    ₦ 15,000/m

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    • 01 How fast is Prolific’s Wireless Fibre internet?
      The average download speed in the Ngieria is about 50 Mbps and the upload speed is about 10 Mbps. With Prolific, you’ll get symmetrical Gigabit speeds. That’s over 10x faster than the average Nigeria speed.
    • 02 How much does it cost to install?
      There’s no up-front cost to get Prolific installed at your place. In other words, installation is free.
    • 03 Does Prolific have unlimited data?
      Yes, home internet plans from Prolific come with unlimited data, so you can do more online without worrying about data caps. With WeLink internet at your place, you get a blazing fast, unlimited, and totally awesome internet connection.
    • 04 What is the number of devices that can be connected?
      At default, the Prolific Modem can connect 32 devices wirelessly and 4 wired devices.